Major League debut

No matter if you’re a future Hall of Famer or just getting a cup of coffee, you never forget your Major League debut.

They are always unforgettable!!!

Since there was no Minor leagues in 2020, it should be exciting to watch how the pros are adjusting.

Bruce Zimmermann & Zac Lowther – Watch video 3 days ago
College Statistics – Read more

Tue May 11 ~ OPENING DAY

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More importantly I have never been to Bowie I’ve been to Ripken Stadium a few times but I think the Minor League games are better cuz you can it’s it feels more like an old-fashioned baseball game and you can get down really close and sometimes get autographs from the players 2 years ago the current Baltimore Orioles had two pictures that were in the minor leagues that are now playing in the pros Zimmerman and another relief pitcher.

Zac and Brianna Lowther crashed just after Saturday night’s Orioles game ended, having put their 3-month-old daughter, Isabelle, to bed just a few hours earlier. Brianna and Isabelle had joined Zac in Maryland earlier in the day, getting to spend some time with him as the left-hander pitched at the Orioles’ alternate training site in Bowie awaiting a promotion to Baltimore.

As the couple faded to sleep, Zac’s phone rang loudly, with him having left the ring tone volume up high. He worried it would wake Isabelle. Instead, it startled Brianna, who asked what happened.

“Oh, I just got called up,” Zac replied.
“Is this a dream?” Brianna asked in a daze.

In some ways, it certainly was. Zac Lowther, the Orioles’ No. 19 prospect per Baseball America, was promoted to the major leagues for the first time. After Baltimore officials delivered the good news, he went into the bathroom to call his and Brianna’s parents and share it with them. They were all in attendance for Sunday’s 8-1 victory against the Oakland Athletics, in which Lowther pitched a scoreless ninth inning in his major league debut. Read more

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