Strength & Conditioning

My son Blake started high school last month. Until recently, size and power have not been such a big deal because he was typically always one of the most athletic guys on the team.

However, this is his 4th year competing on a 90 foot diamond. He was one of the lucky ones because he happen to make the 6th grade middle school team @ Boys Latin when he was only eleven (Class of 2025 DOB 12/20/2006).

Meanwhile, he has been encouraged by many baseball coaches and especially me to work on becoming “bigger, stronger & faster”. He started playing on a travel team in addition to the traditional REC team in the area since he was only 6. In fact, he routinely played 1-2 age groups higher to level the playing field because he was so talented.

Then the trophies started filling up his room. He earned championship prizes for winning the league, tournaments and even one MVP medal awarded by opposing coach @ HCYP during 8U event. This includes Baltimore County, Harford County, Essex Father’s Day and others.

One of the proudest moments of my life was watching him compete in the Cooperstown “Dream Park” 12U tournament in New York. Not only did he get a chance to play on the Roland Park Rangers travel team twice in 2018 & 2019 but he also was invited to play on LTRC @ All Star Village (Thanks Coach Szymanski).

So, this year is critical for Blake to really start working out hard and improving his power and speed. This includes strength hitting extra bases (slugging %) as well as endurance. When he was very young we learned that it is BEST to limit lifting only his own body weight (i.e. Push-ups, Pull-ups & Sit-ups).

As he got older I started taking him into the gym and working out on Nautilus equipment. The main goal was “high repetitions” with light weight.

In addition, the best exercise of all is running, biking and swimming. He’s been a very active kid and I particularly focussed on “CROSS TRAINING”. I was warned not to burn him out in baseball ONLY. Instead, sign him up for soccer, basketball, etc.


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Telephone: (443) 991-5971

PJ Quarrie – Sports Performance

Former Collegiate Running Back At Bowie State University. PJ is from Baltimore MD attending Calvert hall for 3 years and then graduating from Dunbar High School in Baltimore. PJ has been training for 5 years now and has developed many athletes in Baltimore area from middle school to the pros. PJ has traveled for his knowledge and training methods, working with many NFL athletes in different States outside of Baltimore. working Coach PJ has developed a comprehensive system which has essential components to becoming an elite athlete. Key principles include stability, body control, motor skill development, speed, power, and agility.


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