Baltimore Superstars

Most “baby boomers” who recall the photo from the 1966 World Series (Box Score) recognize Brooksey, but who is Etchebarren # 8 & McNally #19? So many notorious Orioles have played in Baltimore but don’t get the same recognition.  In fact, depending on who you ask, you may get a wide variety of answers to the question, “who is your favorite Oriole”?

If you ask some of the 9-10 year old players on my team (RPBL Blaze) they might say, Manny Machado (my personal “active roster”), Chris Davis, Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, and J.J. Hardy.   But if you ask my adult league Brewers players, they might say Cal Ripken.  I want to take some time and recognize the “Iron Man”.

… more to come