Training and Experience

Below is a chronological history of my background as a baseball official: Umpire Companies I worked for and rigorous training programs I’ve completed.

Summer travel baseball games ages 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U across Maryland including Harford, Baltimore, Howard, Carroll and Montgomery County as well as Northern Virginia and Baltimore City

$70 per umpire per game
MABA tournament games
High School Baseball.

Maryland Association Of Softball Officials

Maryland USSSA Fastpitch Softball
UIC & Assigner: John Remmell

AWUA Softball
Assigner: Dwight Hirota

A.A.U. All American Umpires
Address: 2517 Marbourne Avenue Baltimore, MD 21234
President: John Humphrey

Address: 8805 Southlea Court Fairfax, VA 22031-3233
President: John Porter

Baltimore’s Best Umpires
Address: 2839 Mayfield Ave., Baltimore MD 21213
President: Michael Schilpp & Harris Jessup


Blue Devil Umpire Association
Address: 15 Sunnyking Drive, Reisterstown, Maryland21136
President: Bob Frank and Larry Silverman

Having attended the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame during my debut umpire career June 2019, I learned that there were ONLY 10 umpires ever inducted. If baseball decides to continue after the Pandemic Covid-19, I already have plans to see Derek Jeter get inducted and work in CASV again.

Since I have been playing baseball around the time I started walking, I have gained a GREAT deal of admiration for the officials! It is very easy to pick on them. It’s bad enough when the fans yell, “boo, bad call, you’re blind”. As an umpire, you MUST have thick skin, in addition to being cool, calm & collected. All umpires understand they have a target on their back.

A good umpire often will tell you, “I did my job successfully if both teams are not happy”. In other words, the MOST important role is to be FAIR and IMPARTIAL. More importantly, when the players and coaches have respect for you, that’s when you know you did your job well enforcing the rules and keeping the peace.

Over 10 years of experience calling balls & strikes. I have to admit, it can be safer and less painful officiating behind pitcher’s mound for 8U, 10U and 12U because often the catcher does not keep me from getting hurt (e.g. many balls off the feet, shin, shoulder and mask).

Timing is  everything! Sometimes, waiting that at extra half second can make all the difference in the world because you see the ball better, play it back in your head and get the call RIGHT. 

Umpire Gear

Stripes & Strikes



Mr. Hoover

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